Power, even during a blackout

And save by avoiding using electricity from the grid during peak hours.

No More Blackouts

Enjoy the safety and convenience of having electricity during a blackout. Simply continue using electricity.

Avoid the Expensive Peak Hours

Electric companies are extending peak hours, when electricity costs more, later into the night. With a battery, store your extra solar production for use in the evening and avoid the peak hour surcharge.

Keep Essential Appliances Running

Continue running your refrigerator, lights, TV, and computers running during the blackout.

Without batteries, your solar goes down with the grid

A common misconception for those with Solar Systems is that their system will continue to produce daytime power for their entire home. For the vast majority of Solar Systems, this is completely false.

Most Solar Systems are grid-tied. When the grid goes down, the solar system shuts off as well in order to prevent electricity from leaking into the grid. This regulation is to protect Utility workers working on the power lines.

How batteries work during a grid outage

When the grid goes down, the battery will facilitate its disconnect from the grid, preventing any electricity from leaking out. The battery will then mimic the grid in order to keep the Solar Inverter functioning.

The Solar System will power your home while also charging the battery. Once the sun sets, your home will begin to draw power from the battery. The next morning, the solar system will again begin charging the battery.

Getting Started

You made a large investment in your Solar System. You deserve to have that investment work for you by having low electric bills. We will listen to your concerns and work with you to find the perfect solution for getting your Solar System running in top shape. To get started, fill out the free quote form or give us a call. We look forward to working with you.


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